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Feminist artist buys, marries precise replica of self as a sex doll [04 Aug 2007|11:03am]

Found this article on boingboing.net and thought I'd share it with the rest of you ... if nothing else, it's stirring up quite a reaction. The comments aren't that interesting yet, but I'm sure someone here could change that.

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Suheir Hammad (Zaatar Diva) in San Francisco! [28 Feb 2007|01:36am]

I don't know if anyone here knows her work; if they don't, they can go to this web site to read some of her poetry.

Spoken Truths: Words from a Zaatar Diva


Join us for an evening of poetry with Arab-American

poet, Suheir Hammad, from HBO's critically acclaimed

"Russel simmons Presents Def Poetry"

$15 at the door ($10 for students with ID), includes

after party. All ages welcome (21+ at the bar)

Spoken Truths After Party


Come to the reading and stay for the party for free!

Or, come for the after party and celebrate with even

more spoken word artists and sonic poetry with DJ

Ahmed. For more information, contact The Arab

Cultural & Community Center at (415) 664 2200.

$10 at the door (after party only), 18+ (21+ at the bar)

Daily Happy Hour Special (4pm-8pm): 50¢ Fruit Infused Vodka Shots!
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SOURGRAPES: We need feminists! [04 Feb 2007|08:49pm]

Hi there,
My name is Sam. I help run a zine called SOURGRAPES ZINE. We're a local zine based in Lexington KY. We focus on teaching kids about D.I.Y. ethics, being posi, and why its important to support local art and music.
I wanted to write not only to introduce our zine to the livejournal zine world! But also to explain our predicament. You see, after a lot of pulling out hair and craziness we've decided to hire on a full-time zine team. We used to be submission based but it was pretty hard on our (then) small team.
So now we're looking for like minded zinesters and punks who support self publication, D.I.Y. ethics, posi beliefs, and who are interested in having some fun creating a great zine and keeping the underground press alive!

We're looking for:

- Columnists
- Interviewers
- Record reviewer **
- Zine reviewers **
- D.I.Y. guide writers **
- Survival guide writers **
- Bike Repair guide writers **
- Cover artists (for upcoming covers)
- Photographers
- Cartoonists (full-time strip)
- Proof readers **
- Printers
- + more!

If you think you could help us out or would like to become apart of our team, we'd love to have you! Write us at SOURGRAPESZINE@GMAIL.COM or through our myspace: http://myspace.com/sourgrapeszine
Once again we are looking for FULL TIME writers/artists (which means we will be interested in your submissions for each issue) were poor and cant pay you but we can offer free ad space, zine copies, zine reviews, and whatever Sam can knit you!



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I need your help again for a research project [07 Dec 2006|01:50am]


This poll is for a research project on transsexualism. Thanks for your help!
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Sex-positive Feminism Poll: please answer honestly and send to your friends! [27 Nov 2006|01:32am]

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icky... OUCH ! [28 Aug 2005|07:50pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[18 Feb 2005|12:11pm]

Call for submissions

Religion has long been one of the dividing factors of humanity, a division which is becoming more and more pronounced as time goes on. The president uses the language of evangelical Christianity when speaking to terrorists of Islamic faith. The name of religion is used to advance causes such as the denial of queer rights, war, criminalization of abortion, censorship of mass media, and elimination of family-, environment-, and children-friendly policies. This seems like a continuation of history, the logical conclusion of tacit acceptance of Nazism by the Catholic church, of the Crusades, of witch burnings. As a result, many of us who fight for social justice have turned our backs on religion.

Read more...Collapse )
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sorry for xposting [08 Aug 2004|09:40pm]

im starting a comp zine called ITS MY BODY, and i want to get a really diverse look at so many different aspects of our bodies, our choices, actions, etc. there are quite a few zines about sizeism, eating disorders, body image and such, but i want to have something that brings in all sorts of other viewpoints and topics as well. things that have to do with yr body, things like self-mutilation, medicine, clothing, sex work, physical labor, positive views, mortality, how yr body works, and more.

i would really LOVE to get anyone and everyone to send in whatever they want. anything from poetry, writing, media, art, self portraits, prose, drawings, doodles, rants...everything! i really hope to get it to be a little more diverse than the regular zine, so that we see the sides that we dont even necessarily agree with, that dont apply to us, that we never thought about, that we need to understand...anything that can be photocopied is encouraged, even the tiniest haiku. please email or comment (savethepirate AT hotmail DOT com), or send to elle destroy! 5723 indigo houston, tx usa, and anyone who sends in a contribution, whether it gets used or not (although im pretty sure ill be using all of them) will get a free copy.

some examples of possible topicsCollapse )

no word limits, as far as deadlines go...just try to get it in the next couple of months, the sooner the better!
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A new Member [27 Jul 2004|10:41am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone! I'm Antoinette and new to the community. But not a new femminist. It's great to have a place to talk with others who share the same general beliefs and ideas.

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WOMEN IN ACTION MOVIES [30 May 2004|07:15pm]
hey guys!
I'm doing a zine about 'violent chicks in action flicks', and was wondering if you could help. I made this questionaire to gauge the opinions of the feminist community in general, and it would really help me if you could fill it out...just copy and paste the following questionnaire and reply to this message.
Thanks everyone!
love aideen xox
apologies for major major cross posting…
1. What do you think of action movies in general?
Good? Bad? Indifferent? Why? If you don't like them, what is your favourite film
genre and why? What do you think of the violence aspect of these films?

2.What is behind the increase in the number of women in action films?
In recent years there has undoubtedly been an increase in the number of women in action movies, particularly in mainstream cinema. Whereas once there was only Alien, Terminator and, erm, Tank Girl, we now have Charlies Angels, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Matrix, Tomb Raider, Kill Bill and loads more. Some
people see this as a sign that women are gaining more equality, others think that it has a lot to do with economics and marketing. In your opinion, what is the reason for this increase?

3.What about the feminist implications of this?
Do you feel that there's anything particularly feminist about women kicking butt on the big screen? How do you feel about these films in general (i.e. films with female action heroines)? How should we, as feminists, treat them?

4.Favourite female action heroine?
Who is your favourite female action heroine and why? Does she embody any characteristics which are particularly feminist? Is she a good role model?

5.Do you think seeing images of violent women can do anything to counteract violence against women?

6.Worst female action film and why?

7.Trinity (The Matrix)or Thelma Dickinson (Thelma and Louise)?
Who's the coolest?

8.Role models...
Do you feel that action films in general provide good role models for men, or do they just give society negative assumptions about masculinity? How about for women? What are the best non-violent role models, both male and female (and why)?

9.Best self defence tip?

10.Roughly what age are you?
I know this might sound irrelevant, and I also don't like stereotyping people by their age. Just bear with me and answer honestly. I'd like to compare results.
You can be vague if you like eg. teens, 20s, 30s etc

11.Are you a feminist?
If so, for how long?

12.Any final thoughts?
Is there anything I've left out? Anything you wish to add? Would you write an article for me? Please? Be your best friend?
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Radical Mentruation Buttons... [31 Mar 2004|06:32am]

I run a radical D.I.Y. distribution called Unbound Books (http://www.UnboundBooks.org) and we just got these buttons in and not too many people have seemed that excited about them but we think they are wonderful. So I went to LJ and checked what communities might have "radical menstruation" as an interest. And I found this one. I'm happy to have found this community. Hopefully posting will increase. Well, here you go with this button. Enjoy.

Hugs and Revolution,
Liberte unLocked

NEW!!!Ask me about radical menstruation New 1 inch button from Britt from the wonderful Moxie Distro. Each one is handdrawn and colored, completely random. Has image of uterus on each button with the sentence "Ask me about radical menstruation" written. $1 each.

click here to find out how to mailorder instead of using paypalCollapse )

*****x-posted to 'blood_art' community, as well*****
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[07 Jul 2003|03:02pm]

i know i'm cross-posting this, but it's important for me to spread knowledge.
politics in the new domestic orderCollapse )
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poetry from an anarchist/feminist i met. [09 May 2003|09:23am]

An Address To The Casual Consumer of Flesh

By His Divine Grace Rev. Uncle Neil "Loveseat" Banana Head

It is to be expressly understood that thou art hereby implicat'd for thy scurrilous collusion, in which thou hast participated in a holocaust

Thou art surely deserving of thy execretion

In thy breakfast there is complicity

In thy lunch there is complicity

In thy supper there is complicity

In thy ventures to the restaurant there is complicity

In thy grocery shopping trips there is complicity

Mayest thou be struck down from thy usurp'd throne with plagues of e-coli and salmonella

Mayest thou exist in a world of wire mesh encrusted with blood and feces

Mayest the sinews of thy flesh be made to serve the purposes of those who would use it to serve their own ends, flay'd and expos'd as they see fit

Mayest thou live in a state of perpetual moribundity

As of now, thou art mere chattel

Suffer thy progeny to the veal crates

Suffer thou to remain forevermore fetter'd, with nary enough room to turn round

Make amends whilst thou still can. . .

In thy soft, tender, corpulent form there is an exploitable fragility

Thy body, and the bodies of thy kin could well be made to serve the purposes of those who would sate their desires upon thy flesh

Thou could most certainly be made to spend the remainder of thy days behind bars

Behind wire fences

Behind wooden slats

Behind barbed wire

Within battery cages

Within gestation stalls

Within "rape racks"

Thy corpse shall be made to fit our every purpose

Soap shall be wrought of thy flesh

Garments shall be wrought of thy flesh

candles shall be wrought of thy flesh

The corpses of thy kin shall be manifold, piled as high as the
heavens and lain out in lengths as long as the rivers

Make amends whilst thou still can. . .
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Wake Up!! [29 Apr 2003|05:32pm]

I was doing some spring cleaning on my lists, and noticed that no one posts in here! I can't bring myself to leave this community, but I know that someone out there has something to say!

If not, leave a note and tell me why this community has so tragically died so that I at least feel special :)

Seriously, I would love it if this community expanded, or started moving!!
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[12 Mar 2003|02:04pm]

Sorry for cross-posting, but I thought this was important:

92% of rapists go unpunished
Harper's weekly featured an item from the American Bar Association's journal noting that few rapists are punished for their crime: only one in ten rapes is reported, and only one out of 13 reported rapes ends in conviction. To demonstrate why most rape victims choose not to press charges, the dialogue asks us to imagine a robbery victim undergoing the same sort of cross-examination a rape victim does:

"Mr. Smith, you were held up at gunpoint on the corner of First and Main?"
"Did you struggle with the robber?"
"No. He was armed."
"Then you made a conscious decision to comply with his demands rather than resist?"
"Did you scream? Cry out?"
"No. I was afraid."
"I see. Have you been held up before?"
"Have you ever given money away?"
"Yes, of course."
"And you did so willingly?"
"What are you getting at?"
"Well, let's put it like this, Mr. Smith. You've given money away in the past. In fact, you have quite a reputation for philanthropy. How can we be sure you weren't contriving to have your money taken?"
"Listen, if I wanted--"
"Never mind. What time did this holdup take place?"
"About 11pm."
"You were out on the street at 11pm? Doing what?"
"Just walking."
"Just walking? You know that it's dangerous being out on the street that late at night. Weren't you aware that you could have been held up?"
"I hadn't thought about it."
"What were you wearing?"
"Let's see -- a suit. Yes, a suit."
"An expensive suit?"
"Well yes. I'm a successful lawyer, you know."
"In other words, Mr. Smith, you were walking around the streets late at night in a suit that practically advertised the fact that you might be a good target for some easy money, isn't that so? If we didn't know better, Mr. Smith, we might even think you were asking for this to happen, mightn't we?"
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issue 5 is done [15 Jan 2003|06:13pm]

getting louder everyday #5 was completed last weekend! i also have a p.o. box address now, so i'm ready to make a bunch of copies to send out.
so yeah, it's an anarcha-feminist, mostly political, partly personal zine. 34 pages, half size.
the main feature is an article called "are you stuck on 'manarchy'?" with commentary on a questionnaire called "are you a manarchist? questionnaire". i also talk about reform, paranoia, vibrating kids toys, etc.
more info is on my
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getting louder everyday #5 was completed last weekend! i also have a p.o. box address now, so i'm ready to make a bunch of copies to send out.
so yeah, it's an anarcha-feminist, mostly political, partly personal zine. 34 pages, half size.
the main feature is an article called "are you stuck on 'manarchy'?" with commentary on a questionnaire called "are you a manarchist? questionnaire". i also talk about reform, paranoia, vibrating kids toys, etc.
more info is on my <b><a href:"http://www.geocities.com/soar_ceress2001/zines.html">webpage.</a></b>
send an even trade, $1 or so, or 2-3 stamps for a copy to
p.o. box 3438
tempe, az 85280-3438

i'm excited about my new p.o. box. so the first 5 people whose orders/letters i receive get a special prize.

distros: price info for distros is on the webpage, but if you would like a copy for consideration or have any other questions, email me at gettingloudereveryday@hotmail.com

sorry for cross-posting
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[26 Dec 2002|07:12pm]

this is a plug, for you to contribute ideas for workshops, speakers, entertainment and tabling at the 2003 southern girls convention which is to be held in asheville,nc at warren wilson college.

you can contibute by joining the southern girls convention community and posting often. however, racism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

please help us put on a fantastic pro-woman, pro-equality event.

southern girls rise up!
p.s. there is NOT a website up and running yet. however there will be soon. the more suggestions we get, the more information we get. so keep it coming.
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[19 Dec 2002|12:26am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

this community has grown since i've last been here.

too bad not enough people are active.

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no wave? [19 Nov 2002|01:06am]
is grrls into no-wave music as well as no-wave feminism or did i miss something?
i'd love to start an all girl no wave band on the side
i play guitar and bass (not that well but i can carry a beat ).................
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looking for interviewees... [01 Oct 2002|11:25pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

hey, i'm in the process of doing research for a paper i'm writing on riot grrrl. it's for my social movements & social change class (i go to VCU in richmond, va). i would like to interview current or former riot grrrls, and anyone who has ever been in an riot grrrl chapter, or anyone who has an opinion or intelligent criticism on riot grrrl (but know your opinions are going to have to fit to the context of my questions). there are about 30 questions total, and some of them are very involved and complex, cos i'm knowledgeable about the topic of riot grrrl.

the interviews will be done via e-mail. if you would like to take part, either post your e-mail address or e-mail me at thehook@livejournal.com.

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