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Radical Mentruation Buttons...

I run a radical D.I.Y. distribution called Unbound Books (http://www.UnboundBooks.org) and we just got these buttons in and not too many people have seemed that excited about them but we think they are wonderful. So I went to LJ and checked what communities might have "radical menstruation" as an interest. And I found this one. I'm happy to have found this community. Hopefully posting will increase. Well, here you go with this button. Enjoy.

Hugs and Revolution,
Liberte unLocked

NEW!!!Ask me about radical menstruation New 1 inch button from Britt from the wonderful Moxie Distro. Each one is handdrawn and colored, completely random. Has image of uterus on each button with the sentence "Ask me about radical menstruation" written. $1 each.

If you don't want to use paypal you can request a button by mail at:
Unbound Books
PO BOX 146672
Chicago, IL 60614-6672
(please make money orders/checks out to 'Liberte Locke' NOT unbound books, thanks. Through the mail, you can send 2 stamp + $1 for each button.

We'll let you know upfront that the shipping cost through paypal is $1.00 (to pay for paypal fee + shipping) and that is no matter how many buttons you order at once when using the buy now button. You can either purchase these patches through the buy now button or you can go to http://www.UnboundBooks.org and look around to see if there is other stuff you might be interested in.

*****x-posted to 'blood_art' community, as well*****
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